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are you in a relationship with dean's pink ipod? if your answer is yes, then this network is perfect for you
how to join:
  • must be following the potato and the pie
  • make sure your ask/submit is open
  • reblog to enter (like to bookmark)
  • fill out this rad survey
what we're looking for:
  • a nice/friendly blogger
  • a multifandom/fandom blog that posts supernatural
  • an organized blog with tags/a navigation system
  • a hella url and personality
what you get: 
  • a follow from us both as well as the other members
  • a spot on the network page
  • people to reblog/like your posts, blogrates, edits, selfies, writing, etc.
  • a group promo when announced
  • new friends!!!!!!!!
when you're accepted:
  • you’ll get a message from either of us, welcoming you to the network
  • follow all of the current members
  • track the tag ‘deanspinkipodnet’ for updates and stuff
  • send to me or nicole your information (email, icon, short description)
  • put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog
  • chloe made the hella graphic
  • this post will go to hell (like adam) if this doesn’t reach 40 notes and we will cry tears of blood
  • 10-15 members will be chosen on 10th may and we’ll add 2-3 members every other week until this network feels cozy
  • feel free to ask us about anything :)
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supernatural meme: three angels [1/3] Balthazar

"Why did you unsink the ship?" "Oh, because I hated the movie."

"Just because he created us doesn’t mean he can toy with us, like playthings."

24 hour promos cause I’m procrastinating


I’ve gotta do my follow forever but it’s taking forever so what better way to delay than promos?

  • mbf this serial procrastinator
  • reblog this post pretty please uwu
  • how many ever notes until 23rd April 8:07 pm my time
  • groups of 5
  • mutuals, favs, +f

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A network for all you Castiel-loving bitches out there! (you’re not bitches I just needed a cool sounding name)

  • mbf this cas!girl
  • reblog to enter, but you can like to bookmark
  • must love castiel with all your being
  • must have your ask open so i can contact you
What I'm looking for:
  • nice people (not bitches, i know the name is a bit misleading)
  • cool urls
  • pretty blogs
  • people who love and adore castiel
If you get accepted:
  • group promo when announced
  • track the “castielsbitchesnetwork” tag
  • i’ll need you to submit to me your name, an icon, and a description for the members page (i’ll send you a reminder)
  • give me your email to be part of the chat (optional)
  • put a link to the network somewhere on your blog
  • check out all other members but following everyone is not required

Easter Promo!!


(also bc I’ve been losing a lot of followers but whatever)

Happy easter!!

  • must be following me
  • reblogs only! likes don’t count
  • must reach at least 50
  • unlimited until tonight
  • possible + follows (I’m looking for some rad blogs to follow)
  • I think that’s all, okay go!
  • and happy easter!
  • have a good day!!
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The Big Bang Theory(s7)
Under The Dome


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